Digital strategy

The keys to getting started
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The best communication consulting services

A multi-domain expertise:

Improving your visual identity

An original graphic charter

Ergonomic design

Graphic design studio

Choice of graphical elements in line with visual trends that respect your image and circulate your values. Creation of design logos such as the one on the Buy Gifts N Flowers website following the latest graphic trends.

A custom-made website

Web design and graphic design of custom website like Bag-Story, suitably answering all your needs.

Choose a showcase website or e-commerce website, e-shops website..

Graphic design agency

Because web design
cannot be improvised!

The creation of a custom-made and efficient design such as Themakeu Artist Blog, for example, cannot be improvised! Graphic design requires creativity, innovation but also a lot of patience and common sense. A graphic designer must always be attentive to the client’s needs in order to present a satisfactory result. He must make sure that the result is compatible with all the company’s communication media and neglect nothing. Every parameter must be taken into consideration and nothing must be neglected to embrace success.


Webmarketing Consulting

Every entrepreneur dreams of being able to get the help of a webmarketing consulting expert for solutions.

Webmarketing strategy

A webmarketing strategy must be well thought out so that it does not end up with just any traffic but rather with targeted visits.

Server hosting

  • Highly resilient infrastructure
  • A server dedicated to your activity on the web
  • Ensure high availability of your web servers
  • The integrity of your data is a must
  • Don’t forget about confidentiality.

Professional host

  • Good Hosting Solution
  • Anonymous hosting of your data
  • Protection of all your personal data
  • Backup server so you don’t lose anything
  • Cache function.

SEO referencing

Definition of your referencing strategy

Web content

Content optimization is highly appreciated by search engines.


Referencing your website requires, among other things, a good Netlinking strategy.

Bringing our concepts to life on the web

Our trendy digital technologies

Using new technologies to facilitate the digitalization of companies and their web communication.